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Membership has its privileges

We have Memberships for Massage, Facials, & Lash Extensions, please check passes for all other service discounts.

Yes, everyone gets Pampered Therapy, but only Pampered Therapy members get special pricing on both products and services.


Massage/Spa Membership

Self care is important, and membership makes it easy to establish a routine.


With so many benefits from mental to phyiscal health, pain managment, mobility and skin care how can you go wrong?

Your membership allows you to chose from a once a month Massage, Advanced Customized or Dermaplaning Facial, or Assisted Stretch, with complimentary upgrades or add-ons, 20% off any additional service treatments, and 10% off of all products, and Impressions Body Solutions events, and event rentals. 

Become a  Spa Member and pay just $84 a month,

Facial Only Membership

Everyone wants to stay "forever young", and facials are "the holy grail" of youthful skin. How so? through cell turnover; cell turnover is the process of shedding skin cells and replacing them with younger cells, making skin firmer and ridding hyperpigmentation (dark spots), fine lines, wrinkles, and more. This process takes about 30 days, so a routine customized facial every 4 weeks keeps you on track.  

Become a Facial Member and save $14 off monthly Customized facial treatments. 


Lash Fill Membership

As with all our membership options, Lash Membership is designed to SAVE YOU MONEY.

Chose your package of 2 or 3 lash fills per month based on Classic fill-in prices and save $16-30 a month on lash fills, with regular prices already much lower than average prices everywhere.

Since membership pricing is based on Classic Fill prices, you’ll pay additional $12 or $10 at each Hybrid appointment, or $20 Volume.

Your member sessions never expire as long as you remain a member, and are good for 60 days after cancellation of membership. 

You can share an accrued session with a friend or family member once every quarter. 

*Your membership allows you to enjoy 20% off of any service outside of your membership service(s), and 10% off products, as well as 10% off of all of Impressions, Body Solutions events, and event business rentals (

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